Arm The World (Self titled EP)

by Arm The World

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released July 31, 2012



all rights reserved


Arm The World Tampa, Florida

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Track Name: A Set Reality
The past and present has rung true.

The difference you made

To a life, far from slated

Ive taken what was needed x2

Although I will never be the same.

Disregarding the past that has been given to us

Would be a weakness for the battle for the new war x2

Ill hold the grudge till the day I die

Drop dead you are worthless

In my eyes

I have you to blame for the constant stride to fame

How could I be to blame, for the things we kept the same

No more wasted pain
Track Name: Perceptions
Holy Shit!

This place is burning up like, a fucking hipocracy

Too many people many to see

That are way to drunk to breathe

I cant honestly believe that the friction among the people

that seem so careless about their being x2

Break it up

These kids I knew found their way into something they couldnt defeat

All i got was the first row seat, to thier f...
Track Name: The Tradition
Curse this free world

The common misconseption

This is, what you call freedom of religon?

Is this what you wanted to believe?

Only take part with the ones who find their way through the seas

Fight for yourself,

And for what makes you stronger

The person your proud of

Is it all worth dying for

This is the question you ask yourself

This is the way you find youself

Beating the passion you dreamed of
Track Name: I believe in Atlantis
I've watched inconsistancies tear our world apart.

I've come here to,describe myself as best as I can.

The plain and simple truth is,

This democracy isnt working.

The rich and famous have the control.

Why can't we all see the iinconsistancies

That lead to our inefficency.

Is this what we, should be working for?

You've got to be kidding me.

They have it all planned out.

Why can't we all see the inconsistancies

That lead to our inefficency?

And one for all.

Being brainwashed is just a charm

That's ok, I kinda like the taste of dirt in my mouth anyways

So cough up what you have been working for


This is were we stand up x2